Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Proverbs 17:27, 28

Proverbs 17:27, 28
Whoever restrains his words has knowledge,
and he who has a cool spirit is a man of
understanding. Even a fool who keeps silent
is considered wise; when he closes his lips,
he is deemed intelligent.
These two verses get me every time I read them,
it makes me just sit back and think how many times
have I opened my mouth and said something when I
really should of just kept quiet. "Whoever re-
strains his words has knowledge". It makes me
think of a colendar, straining water from the
noodles. Or a coffee filter straining the water
from the coffee grounds. We should be filtering
what comes out of our mouths, its so easy to
make a rude comment, get the last word in an
argument, or even gossip about someone. We are
"deemed intelligent" when we close our lips.
I just thought I'd share this with you, and
encourage you to keep this in mind as you go
about your day. I know I will (:

Well yesterday we didnt go on a picnic, we ended
up going on a 4 mile walk. We were so worn out by
the time we got back that we decided to stay home
instead of adventuring out again.  


It was so beautiful, the soft breeze was blowing
the snow like cotton woods trees. I was trying
to capture a picture of the natural beauty of it
but the camera wasnt doing it justice.  

We couldnt believe how many mulberry trees we saw,
at least 30. They were so full of berries the
limbs of the trees were weighing down. We couldnt resists.
We had to try some! My younger siblings will be coming over
next week, I plan on taking all of them berry 
picking (:  

A wonderful thing about taking long walks is,
Jedidiah usually falls asleep. So that leaves
Aaron and I to have long wonderful talks. You
dont need to go "out" for a date. Simple little
trail walks, are just as wonderful...and cheaper
too (;  

We found this little, unhappy guy on our road.
He was slowly inching for the middle of the road,
trying to kill him self! Cars were swirving to
miss him. haha 

So Aaron being the sweet guy that he is moved him
out of the way for me (: 

The end of the day was a little tiring, Jedidiah
is teething so he is rather grumpy. We bought
some homeopathic all natural teething tablets.
They are really little and feel like chalk, you
rub it on the tongue and the gums. We did that,
fed him, laid him in his bassinet, and he
was sound asleep. Poor little guy! 

By the time we got Jedidiah asleep, we were so
tired and worn out from chores, and our walk
that we almost fell asleep eating supper! 

I walked the 4 miles in flip flops, not a wise choice
I have quarter size blisters, and everything from my
waist on down is sore haha. Should of known better.

 I got out of bed this morning, took one step
and I already could feel the aching soreness all
through out my legs! But hey it was a good walk(: 

There is something about getting exercise and being
so tired at the end of the day, and sleeping so hard!
Its wonderful!

Can you relate to the good feeling of hard work and feeling tired at the end of the day?
What is something you took away from your morning devotions? 
Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday! (: 
God Bless
-Hannah Bamberg

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