Saturday, June 6, 2015

A little bit of summer

Hello Yall (:  
June has come upon us, and summer is finally here! Have any big summer plans? The highlight of our summer will be going to Florida, and getting to spend time with Aarons family and old friends. We cant not wait! Also to see the ocean, I've been to the gulf but not the actual ocean..Aaron is excited to take us there.

We are planning to have a big beach picnic with some friends and family while we are there. Kinda like a big reunion. It is going to be fun (; We are wanting to go down right after the 4th of July but with Aarons work, we arent sure yet. Either way we will be down there for at least a week. I did some shopping this week for our trip, I realized Jedidiah didnt have swimming trunks, and Aaron needed some new ones. I got a few outfits for Jed at a thrift store for babies clothes. I had never been there before and my sister took me there because she shops there a lot. 

I found a lot of good deals! I got a shirt for Jedidiah for $1 and it was brand new, still had tags on it
that said it was originally $7. I was proud of what I was able to find.
Its fun that my older sister (Heather) and I are both married and have kids. (She has a 1 year old, and will be having there second in August) It seems like not that long ago we were playing house, and pretending we were married and having babies....But we actually are now! We enjoy being able to get out of the house and go shopping together with our little guys. 

I also needed some shirts, I went through my closet and about 85% of it is long sleeved/winter appreal. Since we are going to Florida I figured I needed a few shirts that I could wear without sweaters haha

We had a little family outing to Bass Pro Shops, last Saturday. One of mine and Aarons favorite stores! (; We had never takedn Jedidiah there before, so we thought we would. And of course we had to try out the utility vehicles! Jedidiah was very impressed with them (; 

My best friend from high school came over to visit last week, It was so good to be able to catch up with her. We only live an hour apart from each other, but with her working and in college and me being a wife and mother its hard to find time to ever see each other. Im hoping we will be able to get some time to hang out more this summer.
We do believe Jedidiah is starting to teeth...He loves chewing on everything he can get a hold of.
His favorite though is carrots, I think the coldness of the carrot feels good on his gums. 

We also tried out his "big boy" chair, which he absolutley LOVES!  

A few weeks ago, I bought a jean skirt. It was a little to short and the slit in the back went pretty high. I thought it would be cute to add some lace to it and partially sew up the slit. I unfortunitly have zero sewing skills... (: But fortunitly my husband can sew REALLY good! He has made a back pack that looks store bought, He has sewed gun cases, knife cases, ect. Anyways, so he was able to fix my skirt for me. I was very impressed with how it turned out. 


A nice start to our day, Aaron usually has gone for work before I wake up or right as I'm waking up (6am) But he didnt have to leave this morning till after 7:30am! So we were able to talk and spend some time together before he left. Our towns summer festival is today, and the day starts out with a parade. Aaron was able to take a lunch break, so we had a picnic and watched the parade. I was anxious to see how Jedidiah would do with all the sirens and loud noisess but he did great, a little jumpy but no tears. (:  

They have the whole main street blocked off and have little tents with businesses and things you can buy, kinda like a farmers market. The library was selling some books, I got a couple for Jedidiah. When the librarian saw that I was buying them for him she gave them to me for a quarter! So sweet of her.

This is us walking around and enjoying the time we had together. haha Jeds hat falling off, and he looks like hes waving.  And Aaron has a sucker in his hand from the parade. This picture cracks me up (: Love my little family God blessed me with.

I just woke up from a 2 hour nap, Jedidiah is still sleeping. I woke up starved so I ate a banana and cheerios, weird snack I know haha. (: I can smell the chicken in the crockpot which smells amazing. I plan on making BBQ chicken sandwiches, and sweet potato fries for supper. All the windows are opened and there is a wonderful cool breeze blowing through the house, I can hear all
the people outside since the festival is still going. I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do after I finish typing this up...

wash diapers, or finish reading my book. I'm reading "Deeply Devoted" By Maggie Brendan. It has been so good thus far. I'm also waiting anxiously to find out if my husband will be getting off work early, he usually doesnt get off till 8pm so anything before 6 is early (:
And he just called and told me he is headed home!!!!! Yay!!! (: 
Tell me about your summer plans, did you do anything fun today? 
Have a good weekend!
God Bless-
Hannah Bamberg


  1. Loved your post :) Sounds like y'all are enjoying these summery days together and have much fun planned ahead. What sweet family photos! And Jedediah really does look impressed with the utility vehicles, hehe. He is so cute.
    How fun to get to see your best friend. I understand what you mean about not living too far from her but still not getting to see her as often as you'd like. That is the way it is with a few of my friends just because of busyness and I wish I got to see them more. Glad you got to enjoy her visit.
    What a fun time it sounds like you spent getting to shop! That is always so much fun to get deals on clothes, especially when you are shopping for vacation wear :) And speaking of clothes, love your skirt. That is so neat that your husband can sew.
    Hope y'all have a wonderful time in Florida!!! How exciting to get to spend time there!

    Have a blessed day, Hannah♥

    1. Thanks Jazzmin, your comments always so sweet! I am so excited to go to Florida, I cant wait to see the ocean :) Do you have an email address? It would be fun to write emails back and forth and get to know each other(:
      -Hannah Bamberg