Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2 months since my last post?

Hey Readers (:
I cant not believe its been 2 months since I last wrote, since we went to Florida time has flown, seriously FLOWN by! Hope all is going well with you, and that you have had a wonderful summer.
We had a great trip down to Alabama, and Florida! We had so much fun visiting with family and friends. Aarons brother, (Cal & Maygan) had a beautiful outside country wedding. Here is a few photos from the trip...

(Enjoying the Florida sand)

                                                                 (Aaron shooting squirrels for his grandma) haha(:

Absolutely LOVE this photo, Mike & Carol are really great friends of ours. (:

                                                      Aaron and a friend of his, holding each others babies (:

At the wedding (:

At the beach! Jedidiah did not like the sand!

I took so many more photos, I think I took around 800 from the whole trip (: We had some much fun, getting to spend time in Alabama with Aarons parents was so nice. They had never met Jedidiah before, they adored him.

*Life Lately*

Life has been pretty busy, it seems as if every weekend there is something going on. Aaron has been traveling quite a bit for work. But things should slow down with his work in the fall (:
We stayed at my parents house for a couple weeks because one week our AC was broke and it had been 94 inside our house. Then the air we thought got fixed so we went home to find out it wasn't working again, then the next day our water went out! It was quite eventful, and the Lord was teaching us patients. But after a couple weeks it all got fixed and we were able to go back home. (:

We got a couple family photos taken, I liked how they turned out (:

* Jedidiah Silas*

Jed is almost 7 months! Oh my soul, over half a year old!!! 


He cant crawl yet, but he is very mobile. He scoots and rolls around, for not being able to crawl yet he sure can move pretty fast. He is eating baby food now, oatmeal for breakfast, and then veggies and fruits for supper, and sometimes bottles in between meals. Some days he wants his bottle after every meal, and some days he doesn't want it at all. He has had a cough lately, I've been using lemon, and eucalyptus oil at night. I rub coconut oil with some lemon oil on his chest at night. Then I diffuse eucalyptus oil, it really helps him breath better.

Over all we have had a great summer, blessed with great memories and exciting adventures! (:
But I will say, I'm in the fall mood...bring on the cold weather, coffee, hoodies, and bonfires!!!
-God Bless, Hannah Bamberg