About me

Married to the most wonderful man in the world, I knew after 2 weeks of talking to him I was going to marry him. We dated for a year, had a 3 month engagement, and got married in March. I love married life!

I am a born again Christian, saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. Striving to live for Him in all I do, though I am not perfect, I am so glad I have a merciful, forgiving God!

I have a passion for horses, I learned how to work/train horses when I was 12 years old and have been doing it since. Though I am not currently working, do to my pregnancy, but hopefully someday soon we will have our own horses.

I want to have a horse ministry, where I can teach people how to ride, train, and take care of horses in a godly manner. At the last stable I worked at they had a great program for disabled people to come out and ride and take care of the horses. I've always thought that was the neatest thing, and have wanted to do something similar. We will see what the Lord has in store! (:

I love coffee, and tea. I love trying new kinds. My favorite coffee is pumpkin spice, and my favorite tea is probably blueberry, and honey chamomile.

I play guitar, I taught myself when I was 11. I have always wanted to play the fiddle, maybe someday I will learn!

I love candles!!! Coffee, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon are my favorite fragrance (:

I cannot wait to be a mom, and raise a big family to love the Lord!

*If you would like to know anything more about me, just ask!*
You can comment below or email me at; Backwoodsprincess195@gmail.com

"But from there you will seek the Lord your God and you will find Him, if you search after Him with all your heart and with all your soul". Deuteronomy 4:29

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