Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fresh air and sunshine!

Hey (:
How are you doing today? Enjoying this weather?
It is a gorgeous 75 degreed sunny day, with a slight breeze here in Iowa. So refreshing, lately it is either raining or 90's! Last Tuesday, Aaron, Jedidiah, my siblings, and I all went swimming. It was 95! Jedidiah liked the water, but he wasn't a big fan of a wet diaper. So he cried most of the time, but after I got him into some shade and could feed him he was happy. Then he was really happy because I took all his wet clothes off and he got to ride home in just a diaper, not sure why babies like to be naked haha (:

He was pretty cute in his surfer shirt, swimming trunks, and sun hat though (: 
I originally bought the surfer shirt for Florida, when we go to the beach...but his belly was hanging out so we might need to get a bigger size by the time July rolls around.

Aaron got a new job, HUGE blessing!! Its all around a better job, at his current job he has been working 13-14 hour days 6 days a week....which is a little crazy. He also doesn't get any holidays off. But at his new job, he will have more regular hours, weekend offs, AND holidays off. He will have to travel out of town sometimes but it wont be to bad. We prayed so much about it and it all worked out, we really feel like the good Lord brought this job to us because we weren't even looking for one. A friend from church works there and he told Aaron about a position opening. Anyways....God provided it for us, we are so blessed.



My baby brother Elijah spent the night with us this last weekend, we enjoy having my little siblings come over and stay the weekend with us. Plus Jedidiah likes the company. Elijah has a remote controlled car, we hooked one of Jedidiah's toys on it....Jed just sat there watching drive around and around...he loved it (:

This is us already for church a couple Sundays ago, I have SUCH handsome men in my life. Thankful for my sweet smiley husband, and son.

Last Sunday, our church had an outside service. We had some people getting baptized, and we had a picnic fellowship afterwards which was interrupted by a big rain storm. We all got soaked haha, it was a lot of fun though.

Well I need to go do some house cleaning, and hoping to go on a picnic later (: Have a wonderful day!

"Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat"- Laura Ingalls Wilder
God Bless
-Hannah Bamberg


  1. Aww cute photos! :-)
    Shame about the rain though, that's happend to me once.. it's funny but not funny because you get soaked.... :D

    1. Thanks Evie (:
      Exactly! It was fun but the fact that we all got soaked in our church clothes wasn't so fun haha