Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring at the prairie

I hope this Sunday finds you well, yesterday I had a sore throat, and then woke up in the middle of the night feeling absolutely terrible. I checked my temp. and its 100.0
At the moment it is almost 4am... I'm sitting on the couch in our living room drinking lots of water and trying to keep cool. Which is hard because I'm freezing and just want to wrap myself up in a blanket. So I thought I'd write on my blog to distract myself. I'm going to make a apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, green tea later. Hoping that will help my throat some.

How was your week? Was it a busy week or more relaxed?
I had a nice week, not to busy. I had a few things going on yesterday but besides that it was pretty relaxed.

On Wednesday. Aaron, Jedidiah, and I went to Prairie City this week. It was so much fun, the weather was beautiful. It was a spontaneous trip, but I think those are the best. We were out on a walk and we just randomly decided it would be a fun day to go.

Here is Aaron and I standing off from one of the trails, there was a 1 mile trail and a 2 mile trail.
We went on the 2 mile trail, it was so peaceful out there. Nobody else was there, just us. We currently live in the city. But we both grew up living out in the country, so we enjoy getting out in the country any chance we get.

Jedidiah slept most of the time while we were there, I was planning on feeding him when we got to the car before we left. But while we were out on the trail he woke up and wanted to eat. Thankful there was a bench to sit on. The ground was kind of muddy so I wasn't going to sit on that, and walking and feeding him is kind of difficult. So it worked out well :)

Love these boys of mine, I have been truly blessed with a godly husband and a sweet son. I love getting to spend time with Aaron on his days off. We usually try and do something fun on his days off, even though Jedidiah is little and cant fully enjoy the places we go. Its still memories :)

There is an area you can drive through, it has free roaming buffalo. I have been here many times, and I have never been this close to a live buffalo. He was right off the road, you don't realize how big they are until you are this close to one. We saw an elk from a distance, but it was to far away to get a good picture. This is a 8,000 acre, prairie wild life place. It is all restored Iowa prairie. It is so much fun coming here.

On Friday, Jedidiah and I went over to my parents house. It was there city wide junk day, its where people put all the junk they no longer want on the curb and then Saturday morning the garbage guys come pick it up. A lot of people just through away stuff they don't want, its not necessary always junk. So neighbors and different people around the city go around and see if they can find anything that they can have and fix up. I wasn't able to do a whole lot of looking around. But my mom and my baby brother Elijah went around for a bit. I found this cute white shelf...thing. Its taller then my waist, and its skinny, but it has shelves on it. I am going to sand paper it and paint it, I will post pictures when I get it done. :) I cant decide what color though...I want something bright, that will pop. Most of my house is decorated in tans and browns, then will a teal blue accent color. What colors go good with teal blue?

I've been reading a devotion book called "A woman's wisdom, by Lydia Brownback" It is a wonderful book, for any young lady, or woman, in any sort of life...married, single, mother, grandmother, ect. It has helped me in so many areas of my life. It talks about different things we as woman can struggle with. It encourages to be a godly woman of Christ. I highly recommend reading it.
In my Bible reading I'm reading through Genesis, and Proverbs. I like always reading a Proverbs a day. I wanted to read through the whole Bible again. I did it years ago, and even though its not at the beginning of the year like when most people start reading it all over. I'm in Genesis, where it talks about Abrams life. I have read the Bible so many times, and every time I read it I learn something new. I love how God works on us through that. At times some passages will stick out to us, when we need it. Other times, a different passage will stick out to us. Its amazing how the Lord works :)

The other day, while I was folding laundry. I was looking at, and noticing all the different necklaces I have....and how they all have different stories behind them. With people that have gotten them for me, or I had bought them. Anyways, I thought I would show you all, and challenge you guys to do the same in your blogs. It might be fun :)

(My dad built me this necklace rack when I was 17, absolutely LOVE it)

                           Okay, I will start on the left side and work my way down the row.

Necklace #1
Its hard to see it, but its a golden chain with a gold cross. It use to be my moms, my dad got it for her. But she is allergic to a lot of metal so she was unable to wear it and gave it to me.

Necklace #2
A lady who is a good friend of mine, from our church gave me this necklace. I love the blue, and green beads on it. I've always thought it kind of looks western.

Necklace #3
Its a brown chain, with a stone on it and a little metal circle on it that says hope. I bought it for myself a while back, I have always loved how simple it looked. It was always kind of my every day necklace.

Necklace #4
This one means a lot to me, its real shells from the shores of Greece. My dad use to be in the military. He was deployed over seas, and was in Greece for a while. He would always bring us presents home from his trips. He got me and my three sisters shell necklaces. I got this when I was 10.

Necklace #5
Not a necklace I wear anymore, but they are my dads military dog tags. I use to wear them when he was deployed. He had a few sets, and he gave me one when I was little.

Necklace #6
Its a heart locket. You cant see the front but it has a sunflower carved into it. My grandma gave this to me a couple year before she passed away. I don't have pictures in the locket, but I have a small folded up piece of paper in it with a verse.

Cant see this one very well either. Its a silver chain, with a horse shoe and a horse head on it. I wear this necklace the most! I usually always have it on. I got it for my 8th birthday.

Necklace #8
I found this necklace a year or so ago, at an antique store. The clock no longer works, but I thought it looked neat :)

Necklace #9
I love wearing this necklace when I get dress up, the black and white beads make it look fancy.
My best friend Jacque bought this for me, for a Christmas present.

Necklace #10
I bought this necklace for my senior prom alternative. Our youth group did a prom "alternative". Which was just all of us getting dressed up, in suits, and modest prom dresses and going out to eat at a nice restraint. We weren't aloud to have dates, just friends going out. It was always a good time of  fellowship, and we always had fun.

Necklace #11
It is a pink stone necklace, Jacque also got this one for me when she was in Tennessee.

Necklace #12
This was the first necklace I bought myself. It has all different color beads, and looks really pretty when wearing a white shirt. I love the bright colors.

Necklace #13
Funny story, I actually bought this necklace for my sister Heather...but for some reason I have it? Not sure how that happened :)

Its not a necklace but I do have my belt buckle hanging on the rack as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a wonderful Sunday. God bless-
Hannah Sue :)


  1. Awww, I hope that you are feeling better now!

    I love your necklaces! It's so neat to hear the stories behind them as well. I currently don't own any necklaces of my own.....hahaa, I always borrow my sister's (and she only has two). I love them though. If I did have a few I would accept your challenge!

    Your family is beautiful, by the way!

    Bree @

    1. I am feeling so much better now, thank you :)
      Oh I know what you mean, when I lived at home my sisters and I shared just about everything!

  2. Hi Hannah :)
    You left a comment on my blog awhile back and I have had your blog up in my browser ever since so that I could leave you a comment and follow your posts. I'm sorry it has taken me so long, but now that school has ended I remembered all of these tabs I had open in my browser :) I love your blog! It is so sweet and cozy and country. It is always wonderful to find like-minded girls that I can relate to in goals and faith and more and your life and faith are inspiring. Your baby is such a sweet little blessing, also! Hope you had a wonderful first mother's day! And I saw your newest post and am so glad you are feeling much better.

    This place y'all went to looks so amazing and beautiful. What an amazing sight to watch the wildlife and the open prairie. And I also really enjoyed you talking about your necklaces. They are so pretty. And I love so much the memories and special meaning that our jewelry has.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog and your future posts. Blessings to you!

    1. Jazzmin, I just saw this comment! It made my day :)
      I so know what you mean about finding like minded girls. Its nice to be able to talk and share life with.